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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

trisha too: A Milliner Miss Moo

Milliner Miss Moo in May.

That's all I'm gonna say . . .



  1. Cool moo! Love our Miss against the beautiful background.

  2. Love your Moo, Trisha! The background is fab!

  3. Okay, I guess I will say something else--Thank you!

    And the background is a monoprint, the lace was laid in the ink and brayered over. So, a little lacy texture on the background, and some coordinating lace to go with it! :)

  4. Sweet little moo.
    Love the background, it's luscious.
    And who doesn't dig a lady in a hat, in any time?

  5. Very fun vintage design.

    Hugs diane

  6. Too cool! Such an awesome background!


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